Ties and scarves can be the finishing touch on many of your favorite ensembles.  Unfortunately, they are normally situated in just the perfect place to attract those pesky stains such as that glass of wine or rushed lunch.

As simple as these pieces may be in shape, you can form  a real attachment with these finishing touches.  When these prized possessions become stained or wrinkled, it can be quite troublesome.  Who can you trust to handle them with care?

Let us treat them with the proper cleaning and finishing they deserve.  Quality fabric care will ensure that your items will not only be returned to you looking their best but also extending their life.

Tie craft

Ties have to be gently and expertly handled. Five elements have to combine to achieve perfection. No water in the cleaning system, limited cleaning action , low heat drying and tender loving care...which we dutifully provide. Through an arrangement with TIECRAFTERS, the cleaner that only does ties, they will add their expertise and be delivered to you in a crushproof box with tissue paper. If you have a favorite tie that needs narrowing, shortening, replacement of lining or other repairs, that too, we can provide. Custom made ties, done by hand, provided on request. 

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