Not every garment we love fits us perfectly the first time.  In fact, it is quite rare to buy something off the rack and have it fit perfectly.  As a full-service garment care specialist, Merit Cleaners offers the finest in tailoring and alterations.

  There is a big difference between a seamstress who can simply perform an alteration and an experienced, skilled, and professionally-trained tailor who can guide you on how a garment should fit your body. 

We have expert tailors on staff to service any of your alteration needs... so whether you are buying a new suit or gown, (or perhaps you have lost some weight and need your clothes resized), rest assured that you will look great when you use our tailoring service.

Our master tailors are able to customize a totally new garment to your specification or alter or remodel your favorite exiting ones.
By appointment, one will come to your home to discuss and measure you for any requirement that you might have.*

Call 212-753-7421 $75.00 min. order 

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