We are different from your ordinary cleaners. We care about your family and environment that is why we choose to use DF-2000 fluid (hydrocarbon) DF-2000 fluid hydrocarbon.
Hydrocarbon is a new generation dry - cleaning fluid that provides more cleaning power is very gentle on fabrics and less due fading than traditional solvents. Besides being an effective dry - cleaning solvent, it offers many health and safety advantages over the solvents typically used today in dry -cleaning.

Feel the difference of clean
And chemical –Free Clothes!

The White House in Washington D.C uses the same Hydrocarbon fluid.
We have the first installed hydrocarbon in Upper East Side and unlike another drop store we clean every our customer's clothes in my store 325 E 48th St. New York, NY 10017 . Nowadays 98 percent drop store send out their cloths to Queens or Brookline which uses perc machine that cause cancer. The Perc machine is the old generation but we research that even though they use the perc they put green cleaner or eco friendly sign out of their store. Also wet dry cleaning (substitution of hydrocarbon machine) it's 7timescheaper than hydrocarbon machine .Of course low Quality than hydrocarbon machine. Wet cleaning is almost like a washing machine. That’s we cannot use we wet cleaning machine to my customer’s clothes.
Merit has many celebrity and famous store as a client and it required special care and cleaning method and high quality service.
Many of these boutiques refer their clients to our Dry cleaning service.

Famous Clients

Geraldo Rivera - Fox News
50 Cent - Best-Dressed Male Artist at the MTV Awards
Missy Elliot - Female Rap Artist
Brian Dennehy - Hollywood & Broadway Actor
Dolce & Gabbana®
Liz Claiborne®New York
Versace® U.S.A.
Valentino® U.S.A.
John Allen's Salons®
Tishman Speyer® 
Mariah Carey
Herman Miller
Frank Miller - Producer
Martha Stewart 
Tom Sullivan - Fox Business Anchor
MarkBirnbaum - Composer/Pianist
Glamour Magazine
Tony Braxton
Jos. A. Bank®
Brooks Brothers®
Cynthia Nixon-'Sex and the City
Kim Cattrall-Sex and the City 
Keith Hernandez
Hideki Matsui
T.I.—Rap Artist
Mike Comrie - NY Islanders™
Conde Nast®
Mo Vaughn - Baseball Player
Hillary Duff
Monkey-bar resturant
New York Libraries
Jamie Siegler  - 'The Sopranos' 
Steve Harvey -Comedian
Gossip Girl TV show
Hugh Jackman
Trump Org.
Ashley Webster(Fox TV)

We are different and our customers are special !

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